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    Greetings from Finland! Im selling few VROD ja VROD Muscle parts.

    VROD Muscle airbox cover and the fairings. Color brilliant silver. Parts are in good shape. Price 275€

    VROD Muscle rear fender. Black. Some markings. Price 150€

    VROD VRSCA -03 front fender and bracket. Color silver (NOT ORIGINAL COLOR). Price 120€

    VROD VRSCA -03 speedometer housing. Color gray. OK shape Price 75€

    VROD upper belt cover hihnasuoja. Black. Some markings. Price 15€

    VROD back fender struts. OK shape. Price 30€

    + shipping fee.

    The VROD and MUSCLE parts are in Oulu, Finland.

    If you're interested. I can send better pictures of the parts.

    You can contact me here PM or email: jniemela79 (a)


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    unfortunately the Lines all ended in the distribution device. If you want to change one, you need all three and a new device. You have 2 options. You can search in shops like :

    and configure all parts you need:

    ore you wright a mail to (example)

    There I contact Mr. He configure all you need and send you a complete new set.

    Thank you grey wolf for the message!

    Greetings from Finland!

    I Have 2003 VRSCA V-Rod which Im doing a little transformation. Im switching the original handlebar to 12" FAT apehanger.

    I have already found longer clutch line and the throttle cables but the front brake lines are hard to find.

    I need longer "top line"... about +6" - 8" = 20cm - 30cm. Is it possible to change just the "top line" of the bikes front brake?

    Or do I have to change the the whole front brake line setup from top to bottom?

    Thank you!


    Hi Juha,

    welcome here! Where ido you live in Finland? I thought about having a trip to or from Finland an doing the other way by ferry-boat.

    Hello harleykim,

    I live in Oulu. Its middle of Finland next to Gulf of Bothnia. If you come to Finland take the "west road" E8 from Turku -to north. Theres more to see.

    Greetings from Finland!

    My name is Juha and I bought my VRSCA -03 V-Rod last January and since then I have been customizing/restoring it. Next winter Ill be doing hevier modications for the bike.

    This is my 3rd Harley. The other two were Sportster 1200cc which I modified to a bobbers and I also had two older Suzuki Intruders in the past.

    Im looking forward to meet at chat with other fellow riders and get some technical tips and advice from the Vrod crew.

    Have a nice summer and safe driving! 🤩✌️


    Oulu, Finland

    Thank you grey wolf. I have google-it so many times and hitting the same results.

    I have already bought 14" FAT apehanger for my Vrod. I need to relocate the gauges from the "sea-shell."

    1. is to move all the gauges under the airbox. Found this one italian company from Ebay; Taras Compositi which makes glass fibre airbox covers in Europe. The other ones are in India or States. Its OK price. Maybe Im looking for used or some other budget solution....

    2. relocate the gauges infront under the headlight fairing or to the handlebar. I found this Deutsch page Msbiketec´s which makes the relocation mount for NightRod and Muscle but not for earlier V-rod bikes.

    3. Which I like the most. "Keep-it-simple-stupid."